Banners can be assigned to different groups and each group can be placed at a different location on the product page. Instead of displaying all the Banners together in one cluster, Banner Groups gives you the flexibility to display them at different locations.

As an example, you can show a group of Banners below the product title and a group of different Banners above the product description. or below the product description 

For each Banner group, you will have to add a 1-line integration code at the location where the banner group needs to be displayed. In the integration code, add the 'primeBanGroup' parameter to specify the Banner group number.

Example integration code for primeBan group 2: 

{% render 'primeban', product: product, primebanGroup:'2', primebanOuterClass:'prime-mb-2 prime-mt-2 prime-text-left', primebanOuterStyle:'', primebanInnerStyle:'', primebanInnerClass: 'prime-d-block prime-mb-1' %}

The above code will add Banner group 2 on the above product description.  

Similarly, you can add the integration code for banner group 1 and group 3. If you are not comfortable adding the code simply raise a support ticket here or email us at  and we will take care of it.

If the 'primeBan' parameter is not added to the integration code, then the banner of group 1 will be displayed by default. 

You can assign a group while adding or updating banner.

Currently, a maximum of 3 groups can be displayed per page.  

Banner groups are available for Pro plan users only.