Highlights are a text-icon combination to promote important and differentiated product information.

According to reports, 55% of the readers spend only 15 seconds or even less (active) on a webpage – be it reading information about a product or gathering knowledge about a specific topic. People look at bullet points rather than lengthy descriptions. If you have mentioned the key features of your product in long, boring paragraphs rather than bulleted lists then it is likely that the buyer will close it and move on, making you lose out on plenty of sales.

The Highlight Box is a great way to put the spotlight on the "selling points" and "key features" of your product and helps make a buyer make a decision. All the major e-commerce sites including Amazon, Etsy, Aliexpress use the icon-text combination to enhance their product pages.

With the Prime App, you can make unlimited smart highlights. Few examples are shown below:


  • Create unlimited highlights
  • Pick from thousands of icons. 
  • Display highlights based on configured rules.
  • Insert emojis and dynamic data in the highlight text.
  • Stylize highlight box with custom colors, sizes, etc.

Badges along with the Highlight Box help declutter the product pages, while still effectively communicating the information necessary for a user to make an informed purchasing decision.  

Note: Highlights are available only for Plus Plans and above.